AfricanSENS.com is a portal with a specific purpose; we want to ensure that every hardcopy and every softcopy corporate announcement in a number of markets can be released the same day through a single channel for free.

Initially our focus is on providing 100% coverage of listed companies’ corporate announcements in Zimbabwe and hopefully be extended to Zambia, Botswana, Kenya and Malawi.

Access to the portal is free and is RSS enabled. Users of the site can receive corporate action alerts in their email as soon as they are published online on www.africansens.com. We are currently unable to publish 100% of the content we receive online in full (we publish abridged information), however users will notice however that African Is Cooclients’ corporate action material will appear online in Africansens in full or at least a link thereto will be available.

From an online investor relations perspective, this www.africansens.com initiative complements the many others that we have to get our clients’ message out to the broader investment community. We have two twitter accounts: www.twitter.com/africafinancial and www.twitter.com/africaniscool to complement this.

I am interested to hear your feedback. We expect www.africansens.com to grow into a really meaningful portal.

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