My nine tips to increase your investor relations awareness are:

  1. Join NIRI or the UK Investor Relations Society. Review their online resources and best practice notes.
  2. Join linkedin.com and sign up to the biggest investor relations groups online. Track discussions and IR news.
  3. Buy the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and read it from cover to cover.
  4. Set up a free google alert for investor conferences and find out whether they serve your needs.
  5. Sign up for the AIC online IR newsletter and blog but more importantly sign up for Dominic Jones’ IRwebreport alerts and blog.
  6. Sign up to receive weekly SEC news alerts – there’s interesting information on how IR and your relationship with regulators should work. Just scroll through the hundreds of court cases and actions against professionals that have been naughty in the USA.
  7. Read your corporate governance code and search for the words ”website”, “investor relations”, “Internet”, “online” and “communications”. Here is a link to the King Code on Corporate Governance III
  8. Download a free RSS reader and set your RSS to cover the following websites Q4, Irwebreport, Agora.com, Africaniscool.com,AfricanIR.com and other IR resources.
  9. Set up a free google alert to track IR awards and have a look at what the best companies in the World are doing under the various categories of awards.
  10. Personally ask what investors would like to see more of in your company every time you meet them. Ensure that every investor request is attended to or at least reviewed by you.
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