This week, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published its draft strategic plan outlining its
strategic goals for fiscal years 2010 to 2015. The draft plan surveys the forces shaping the SEC’s environment and outlines over 70 initiatives designed to support its primary strategic goals. The SEC’s draft plan also invites the public to comment on the document for the next 40 days. The draft strategic plan is available here.

Africa has been touted as the last emerging market frontier, but ‑ where is our strategic plan for pan-African stock market development? Internal bickering, political motivations and national pride all stand in the way of national and regional securities
associations defining some long-term strategic objectives to strive for. These bodies really need to focus on the bigger picture of where African capital markets want to go, and map out a strategic plan how to get there. If the task is too big, then divide an overall plan into different stages that are relevant to the smaller, medium and larger markets.

Some markets like Mauritius and South Africa are progressive and shooting ahead, but the smaller markets are not following in their wake. The divide between the rest of the world and Africa grows bigger in those markets whose resources theoretically hold the future of our growth.

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